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create html select for all Features


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Hello everyone, I read all the documentation online but I could not solve, ask for help.


I have to create in a separate .php file (not directly on prestashop) a select for each Feature existing, with its description and value.


I do a similiar thing for categories, like:




$cats = Category::getCategories( (int)($cookie->id_lang), true, false  ) ;  



for features how i can do?



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foreach($productlist as $product){
    $productObj = new Product($product['product_id']);
    $productFeatures = Product::getFeaturesStatic($product['product_id']);

Just loop trough the products and then remove duplicates. You have to get all products and store them as array

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At the end this is the code i need:

$lang_id = 1;
$features = Feature::getFeatures( $lang_id, false );
foreach($features as $feature){  
    echo($feature["name"].": <select name=\"".$feature["id_feature"]."\">");   
    $featurevalues = FeatureValue::getFeatureValuesWithLang ( (int)($feature["id_feature"]), $lang_id, false );  
    foreach($featurevalues as $featurevalue){
        echo("<option value=\"".$featurevalue["id_feature_value"]."\">".$featurevalue["value"]."</option>");            

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