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How check if a product belongs to a specific category


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I want to make a simple check to see if a product id belongs to a special category from smarty.


I found this function: Product::idIsOnCategoryId


which seems to do exactly what I want but it always return false.


I am calling it like this:


{assign var=catarray value=[84]}
{if Product::idIsOnCategoryId(414, $catarray)}OK{else}NOT OK{/if}
If I print the categories for product 414 using {Product::getProductCategories(414)|@print_r}  then it correctly prints the array like this:
 ( [0] => 2 [1] => 38 [2] => 78 [3] => 79 [4] => 84 [5] => 152 [6] => 153 [7] => 160 )
  So product 424 is indeed in category 84 but the call to idIsOnCategoryId is not working as I expect. I think I am passing the array of categories the correct way but still no luck.
Can anyone advise if I am doing this correctly or if there is another better or more efficient way to make a quick check if a product belongs to a category.
Thanks in advance for any advice, this can not be that complex.
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Thanks for the reply. It is strange since I have managed to call other static functions from the tpl file without problems.


I would prefer not to alter any php code, I mean, it must be possible to do the simple check if a product belongs to a specific category frmo the tpl file. This can not be that dificult right?


Other solution proposals are welcome, it does not have to be using this function.

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Smarty templates are generally for data representation.

It can be rarely use for calling php functions from .tpl file.


Also one thing if you are checking/calling this function from product.tpl then it works successfully.

But if you are calling from category.tpl or product-list.tpl then it won't be possible.


All you need to do is to render Product object within .tpl file.

like in categoryController.php as 

public function initContent()
'category' => $this->category
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