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Products not showing in category after updating via DB in phpmyadmin


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I uploaded a CSV file with just basic info - name, description, image links.


To speed things along I updated some of the other things via mysql in phpmyadmin.


One thing I updated was the Default Category which was fine.  When you click on an actual product it shows as being in the Category I set.


However, when I go to the Category page (listing all of the products in that category) it does not show any of them that I updated.  When I go to edit products in the admin section in Prestashop, the section where you can edit the categories the product is in still list only Home as being the category all of the products are actually listed in (even though I set their default category in the DB to something else).


Where do I need to edit this in the database?  


Thank you.

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I checked and don't have caching enabled.  Good idea though.  I think when updating the database directly I must be missing a table.  I've set the default category, but of course you can set a product to be in multiple categories so there has to be a table with that information in it and I think that is what I am missing.  Ideas?

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