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Modify code to Access cookie in prestashop 1.4


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Hello. i have problem with my module. I use tecdoc module for prestashop but i have problem with cart. Integration code work perfect with prestashop 1.5 and 1.6 beacuse this work with if(!$context){$context = Context::getContext();}


the problem is that I can not modify the code to prestashop 1.4 where do not use this function


This is my code., please help to modify this for work cart with prestashop 1.4 (presta 1.5 and 1.6 work pefect)

In my presta when i try to add to card i receive withe screen and error log : PHP Fatal error:  Class 'Context' not found in /home/autoal/public_html/autoparts/tocms/PrestaShop.php on line 19


<?if(!defined("TDM_PROLOG_INCLUDED") || TDM_PROLOG_INCLUDED!==true)die();


//Add to cart
    global $arCartPrice;
        $DefaultCategory = 2;
        $DefaultTaxGroup = 0;
        $Price = $arCartPrice['PRICE_CONVERTED'];
        $Reference = $arCartPrice['ARTICLE'].' / '.$arCartPrice['BRAND'];
        //Presta init
        global $context;
        if(!$context){$context = Context::getContext();}
        $logged = $context->cookie->__get('logged');
        $id_cart = $context->cookie->__get('id_cart');
        $id_lang = $context->cookie->__get('id_lang');
        $id_guest = $context->cookie->__get('id_guest');
        $id_currency = $context->cookie->__get('id_currency');
        // Add cart if no cart found
        if (!$id_cart){
            $context->cart = new Cart();
            $context->cart->id_customer = $context->customer->id;
            $context->cart->id_currency = $id_currency;
                $context->cookie->id_cart = (int)$context->cart->id;

        //if(!$logged>0){$doAdd="N"; $TCore->arErrorMessages[] = 'You must be <a href="/authentication.php?back=my-account.php">logged in</a> to buy products';}
        //if(trim($Reference)=='' OR !$Price>0 OR !$QUANTITY>0){$doAdd="N"; $TCore->arErrorMessages[] = 'Add to cart data is missing!';}
        if(!$id_cart>0){$doAdd="N"; ErAdd("Your cookie <b>id_cart</b> is wrong!",1);}
        if(!$id_lang>0){$doAdd="N"; ErAdd("Your cookie <b>id_lang</b> is wrong!",1);}
            //Check avail. tecdoc item in Presta
            $sql = 'SELECT p.`id_product`, pl.`name` FROM `'._DB_PREFIX_.'product` p
                    LEFT JOIN `'._DB_PREFIX_.'product_lang` pl ON (p.`id_product` = pl.`id_product`)
                    WHERE pl.`id_lang` = '.$id_lang.' AND
                    p.`price` = '.$Price.' AND
                    p.`reference` = "'.$Reference.'"
            $arRes = Db::getInstance()->executeS($sql);
                $NewTID = $arRes[0]['id_product'];
                    $obProduct = new Product(false,false,$id_lang);
                    $obProduct->id_category_default = $DefaultCategory;
                    $obProduct->unity = $arCartPrice['ADD_URL'];
                    $obProduct->name = $arCartPrice['NAME'];
                    $obProduct->description = 'This product is created automatically by TecDoc Module. http://tecdoc-module.com';
                    $obProduct->description_short = $arCartPrice['SUPPLIER_STOCK'].' ['.$arCartPrice['DAY'].' days]';
                    $obProduct->price = $Price;
                    $obProduct->reference = $Reference;
                    $obProduct->link_rewrite = $arCartPrice['CPID'];
                    $obProduct->available_for_order = 1; //true
                    $obProduct->visibility = 'none';
                    $obProduct->is_virtual = 0;
                    if($arCartPrice['OPTIONS']['WEIGHT']>0){$obProduct->weight = round($arCartPrice['OPTIONS']['WEIGHT']/1000,2);}
                    if($arCartPrice['OPTIONS']['MINIMUM']>0){$obProduct->minimal_quantity = $arCartPrice['OPTIONS']['MINIMUM']; $QUANTITY=$arCartPrice['OPTIONS']['MINIMUM'];}
                    if($arCartPrice['OPTIONS']['USED']>0){$obProduct->condition = 'used';}
                    if($arCartPrice['OPTIONS']['RESTORED']>0){$obProduct->condition = 'refurbished';}
                    $obProduct->id_tax_rules_group = $DefaultTaxGroup;
                    //echo '<br><pre>';print_r($obProduct);echo '</pre>';die();
                        $NewTID = $obProduct->id;
                        //Add image
                        if($arCartPrice['IMG_SRC']!='' AND $NewTID>0){
                            $shops = Shop::getShops(true, null, true);    
                            $image = new Image();
                            $image->id_product = $NewTID;
                            $image->position = Image::getHighestPosition($NewTID)+1;
                            $image->cover = true; // or false;
                            if(($image->validateFields(false, true)) === true && ($image->validateFieldsLang(false, true)) === true && $image->add()){
                                $tmpfile = tempnam(_PS_TMP_IMG_DIR_, 'ps_import');
                                if(Tools::copy($arCartPrice['IMG_SRC'], $tmpfile)){
                                    $path = $image->getPathForCreation();
                                    ImageManager::resize($tmpfile, $path.'.jpg');
                        ErAdd("Prestashop new Item ID is false",1);
                if($arCartPrice['AVAILABLE']>0){StockAvailable::setQuantity($NewTID, false, $arCartPrice['AVAILABLE']);}
                $obCart = new Cart($id_cart);
                $obCart->id_lang = $id_lang;
                $obCart->id_currency = $id_currency;

                    ErAdd("Prestashop Add to Cart is false",1);


echo $TDMContent;


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i have the same tecdoc-module with prestashop 1.6 

i have the following error when i try to add a product to the cart with languages other than default one:


Notice: Undefined index: MINIMUM in /var/www/autoparts/tocms/PrestaShop.1.6.x.php on line 58

Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'PrestaShopException' with message 'Property Product->link_rewrite is empty' in /var/www/classes/ObjectModel.php:954 Stack trace: #0 /var/www/classes/ObjectModel.php(295): ObjectModelCore->validateFieldsLang() #1 /var/www/classes/ObjectModel.php(511): ObjectModelCore->getFieldsLang() #2 /var/www/classes/Product.php(530): ObjectModelCore->add(true, false) #3 /var/www/autoparts/tocms/PrestaShop.1.6.x.php(141): ProductCore->add() #4 /var/www/autoparts/index.php(0): unknown() #5 {main} thrown in /var/www/classes/ObjectModel.php on line 954


could you tell me if you have the same problem? 



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