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[looking] Module to create sub-accounts for users


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I would like to run this scenario:


User accounts can be individuals or companies.

If the account is a company that can for their clients establish sub accounts.

The owner of such a sub account can perform normal purchases,

but to make their points gives rise to the parent account (company).

These points are converted into specific items from the store.

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Rules specific to the "Free Modules & Themes" forum


This forum is not about the functionalities that are included for free in PrestaShop (native modules, default theme), but about the modules and themes that you might give away to the Community for free.


All topics here should start with an answer, not a question.

You can use (almost) all other sections of the forum to ask for help or anything you need related to PrestaShop, but here you're the one who gives us tips and good practices.


Topic moved to "development" section.

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