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Attribute combination runs sloooow


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We've had issues with that in the past, but admittedly, ours was generating close to a milion combinations.. had a check of yours, and it should be generating only around 2000, which seems like it should be manageable by the system at least, but apparently not


When you say the backend crashes all the time though, do you mean in general, or just when opening up the combination generator? .. if it's all the time, then something strange has happened that may not be related.. 2000 lines on the database definitely shouldn't be causing you any issues


Possibly some kind of bug has resulted in it generating a lot more, worth checking anyway, try going onto the database and look for a table called:



And check how many rows there are in that table, see if it's unusually high


Actually, hmm, I forgot about the fact it then cascades back down from the amount of combinations, so it'd actually be around 16,000 .. getting more on a large scale there


You can also check how many there are by going onto: ps_product_attribute and running a search, set the id_product field to 24 and see how many rows that returns



If that is the cause, I don't know if there's an easy fix unfortunately, we had to override the product controller to essentially run each seperate option as an individual product, then combine them into one product when viewing the page/checkout

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I had this problem before. I had to buy a plugin called attributewizardpro and basicly change the way attributes are loaded. Prestashops system is good when you dont have allot of diffrent combinations but seriously slows down when you add more

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