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about Tools:getValue() function and $_GET


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i dev some module,this module will return some data,i need use the Tools:getValue() or $_GET。


this is the return url:http://jinber.com/module/alipay/return_page?buyer_email=langziyang%40yeah.net&notify_id=



so i use Tools::getVaule('notify_id') or $_GET['notify_id'] get the notify_id。

the echo this value,the display like this:




the string"52" is lost,why?

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Actually the string "25" is lost.


"%25" represents url encode of percent sign (%). So the string gets translated from ...K9%252Fvwbh... to ...K9%2Fvwbh...


Check what is the correct value of notify_id that should be returned. Maybe it is already encoded...

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