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Setting a background image Prestashop


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Can't set background image in the default template.
It is clear that everything is done in the global.css. But all's background in body''s tried to change background-image - It doesn't work :-(

The professionals! help an example of how to do it, preferably with a line number.

Thank you.


PS. Sorry for my English :-)

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I had the same problem.


I found a sulotion!!

Follow this Youtube clip. It worked for me. But how to make it to be like "one" picture that does not scrolls and not like topp middle and bottom box backgrounds as it is now. But I want it to cover the same area still. Any tutorials on that?


My page: www.slottskogen.com/prestashop

Youtube: www.youtube.com/watch?v=KSfBhZ3bS90

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