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[READ FIRST] Forum rules and best practices

Xavier  du Tertre

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PrestaShop Forum Rules

The following rules must be followed at all times
These rules are not meant to be restrictive; they are meant to enable a more enjoyable experience in the forum, allow you to find the information you need quickly, and allow you get help from the community in a timely manner.
The following rules apply to the English Forum section.
Failure to respect these rules on multiple occasions could lead to you being banned from the forum.
=It is therefore highly recommended to read "Forum Advice Best Practices" below.

Respect for others is paramount!
First and foremost, show respect to your fellow posters and moderators. The PrestaShop forum is a community for your fellow designers, developers and store owners, so please treat them with the same level of respect you would like from them.

Take the time to help yourself first before asking for help
Before rushing to press the "New topic" button, please be sure to run a search for your issue, starting with the “pinned topics” on top of the different forums. If your problem is related to an error message, copy and paste a small part of the error message into your search engine. You will likely find someone else who has had a similar issue and who may be able to help you solve it.

Respect the forum language
PrestaShop brings together communities from around the world; the forums are divided into different languages.
Thank you for posting in the corresponding language to that forum.

Respect the subject of the forum, read the description underneath its name
Please take the time to study the sections available to determine which one is the best suited to your question. This is best for you (better chance that your question will be read by a person who has the right knowledge) and best for everyone else (other users who may encounter the same problem will start their search in this specific section).
Hint: you don’t want to post your question at the end of a sticky (“pinned” topic), they’re not here for that purpose, but to provide the PrestaShop community with useful information.

1 Topic = 1 Subject or 1 Question
- If you have more than one question, open more than one new topic!
- Do not ask your question on a thread that doesn’t deal with the exact same matter. Open a new thread, it’s alright to do so.

Write with care
Please respect your readers. Pay attention to your spelling and grammar and take the time to read your post again and if need be, edit and correct your post... Use a spell-check whenever possible, you can download several ones working with Firefox or Google Chrome for free (http://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/how-do-i-use-firefox-spell-checker |https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/95604?hl=en)

Don’t yell
Yelling is painful to the ear, caps lock is painful to the eye. Use capital letters with moderation.

Give your topics concise but well explained titles!
Topics titles must be a short description of the message, so that the topic is more easily found while doing a search. Avoid terms like "URGENT""Help me", etc.

Appropriate content required
Posting text, images and documents deemed to be potentially offensive (insulting, shocking, swear words etc.) is prohibited. Should your content be potentially inappropriate (e.g. intended for an 18+ audience), please show respect and give a disclaimer any time you post your link.
Harassment or out of place remarks by PM (Private Message) are forbidden. People who are victims of these activities should report it to the PrestaShop team. The assessment of the level of decency is left to your good sense and to the judgment of the moderators.

[sOLVED] Topic
If, after posting a topic, you find a solution to your problem, please indicate it in your post and describe the solution.
Furthermore if you are the author of the topic for which a solution has been found, please edit your topic title to mark it as [sOLVED].

To mark a topic as [solved] :
- Edit the first post of your topic by clicking on the "Edit" button,
- Click on the "Use full editor" button,
- Add the "[solved]" string at the beginning of your topic title and click on the "Submit Modified Post" button.

Report a post to Moderator
When a post violates the rules of the forum with (non-extensive list):
– Bad forum etiquette 
– spam, advertisements
– use of another language than the one used in forum
– Posted in wrong forum, or the wrong language

Please report it to the moderators by clicking on the [Report] link located in the bottom left of each post.

Report a bug / Suggest a functionality
The Bug Tracker is the only place that your bug reports will be taken under considerations. They must be written in English.
The PrestaShop Feedback’s platform is the only place consulted for suggestions for the addition of new features into the PrestaShop solution. The suggestions must be in English.

Nicknames, avatars and signature
The PrestaShop and PrestaBox brands and logos are protected by intellectual property rights. Their use is subject to the express authorization of PrestaShop S.A.
Any pseudonym or avatar which violates the intellectual property rights of PrestaShop S.A. may be modified by PrestaShop S.A. following a refusal or a prolonged lack of response by the user.
PrestaShop S.A. reserves the right to suspend a user's account in the case of a repeated infringement of PrestaShop S.A.'s intellectual property rights.

In addition, in order to facilitate the reading material of the forum and to avoid the eye fatigue, animated or blinking images are not permitted for avatars and signatures.

Concerning signatures:
– new users cannot create a signature until they have submitted 25 approved posts
– the font must be the default size,
– it cannot be longer than 3 lines
– It can not contain advertisements, or special offers (eg. use voucher code “forum” for 25% off). 
– it cannot contain more than ONE (1) link, which may be in your banner. The link may direct to your own store.
– NO affiliate links are permitted
– a single .jpg or .png banner is permitted, with maximum dimensions of 360 x 60px and no more than 8kb.

Members' signatures with more than one(1) URL links will have the extra URL links automatically removed to comply with Forum rules. 

Any user found to be in violation of these rules will be contacted and asked to edit their signature. Noncompliance will result in loss of signature privileges.

No support by PM or e-mail
Demands for help are not permitted by PM (private message) or by e-mail to the PrestaShop team. You will have more chance to have a response by posting on the forum, and it will be useful for everyone! Additionally, moderators cannot respond to direct requests to look at a specific thread, be it by PM or on a separate thread.
The forum is not a hotline for PrestaShop, nor as an after-sale service for PrestaStore.com or PrestaBox.com.

Advertising is restricted to one and only one section of the forum
Advertising is only allowed in the "Paid modules & Themes” and “Job Offers” forum, and out of respect for others, please do not post your advertising in someone else’s topic.
If you are advertising for a site that proposes your services, this web site must contain all the information proving the legality of your activity (legal mention, etc.).
Additionally, you should never get in touch with any user through private messages to advertise or promote your products/services. We will aggressively pursue the highest legal consequences against companies who engage in unsolicited advertising of Forum users. 

External links
In forums other than "Paid Modules & Themes” and “Job Offers", links to a site offering paying products are prohibited.
In the “Paid modules & Themes” and “Job Offers” forums, any link must point precisely to the relevant product page. 

Job Offers
Users are welcome to post job offers for paid assistance and ask for specific developments and/or other PrestaShop needs. However, those developers who do respond to those posts must have a presence on the PrestaShop forums beyond responding to these requests and posting Paid Modules/Themes. 
You must be active on the community forum, helping users in order to respond to job offers.
“Job offers” sections are available throughout the forum in different languages.

Community Modules and themes
Members of the Community can share with everyone modules or themes they developed and give away for free. Any module or theme shared in the “Free Modules & Themes” section should be attached directly in your post.
The Community makes great paid modules and themes. Members who developed product sold on their website and/or PrestaShop Addons can feature them on the forum, in the “Paid Modules & Themes” section.
Community modules and themes are only available in the General forum in English.

If you share and sell your modules or themes on the forum, you must also be active on this community forum as a helping hand for other users.

Within this section there will be no Promotional Threads, ie: "Save 35% off All Modules/Themes". This forum is not meant to be an advertising and promotional haven.

Members who are found to be breaking these rules will be warned first, and then Banned.

Forum Advice & Best Practices

Detailed questions and posts
Please provide details in your posts; You will obtain responses more rapidly and more easily, instead of additional questions.

Here is a list of information that could be useful:
Installation type (new/update):
PrestaShop version:
Theme (default/customized):
Code (original/modified):
PHP version:
MySQL version:
Browser(s) concerned:

Moderators are here to make sure that the rules of the forum are respected, to help merchants with issues and to facilitate responses. They are trusted with responsibilities because they are skilled, respectful and helpful to the community. Please respect the moderators for their volunteer work. If you have any questions or concerns about their actions, please see the contact information below.

Be careful with Fraud Websites!
Some people use the name and/or the logo of PrestaShop in their shop. If you have any concerns about a potential Fraud, please contact a Community Manager directly.

There are the only sites officially affiliated with PrestaShop:
www.prestashop.com – PrestaShop community's site.
addons.prestashop.com – PrestaShop's market place.
www.prestabox.com – Hosting for PrestaShop stores without technical constraints.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the PrestaShop Community Manager Antoine Flavigny.

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