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How disable phone number format check


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I have had a few complaints from customers not being able to register because their phone number is not valid. I have not been able to reproduce it even using the same numbers so the suspicion is that its a browsers related problem? Is that possible, at least one user confirmed he was using Firefox but could not tell the version. Its not a frequent problem but it has happened enough times to be concerning.


So, for me the actual check of the phone number format is not important and I would like to just remove it. Can anyone indicate which file I need to modify? I am using Prestashop


Thanks in advance.

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Hi Vekia


Thanks for the answer. I checked the function and I understand how to fix this in the php. However I was hoping to just remove this check from the theme. If I browse github in the 1.6 bootstrap theme I see this is used from the tpl here:



but in my installation, I do not find this check in my tpl file. Do you know if its done only in php in 1.5.x or if its possible to remove it from the theme to not mess too much with the Classes?


Thanks again

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