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1.6.11 -> No order is created in BO after receiving payment

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So, the customer is able to pay which gets approved by your processor (its in their payment history), but the order isn't created in the backoffice, right?


What payment module(s) are you using? Are you sure it is compatible with PS1.6.0.11? Most likely it should be even without any further modifications, but I would still make sure with the developer (if it is third-party).


Have you used the PayPal USA module offered by PS? I would try using this if you aren't already... at least for testing purposes.


Further, were there any changes that were made on your server (esp. regarding certain PHP extensions)? I know some payment modules utilize certain PHP extensions that may or may not be enabled by default. The host should be able to review this for you.


I don't think I am having this issue, but I will double check... I will cross reference payment history from our merchant with the orders created in PS after our upgrade.




PS. Its a huge inconvenience, but for the time being (until resolved) for approved payments you should be able to manually create the order using the shopping carts that have been created for that customer. Its only a temp solution.

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