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1.6.11 -> No Module titles anymore and no text in module

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that's strange, at least strange ;)

case defintely needs an inspection


go to adv preferences > performance

turn on option:

disable non PrestaShop modules.


after that check lists of your modules and let me know what's going on then (any changes?)

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I'm having also troubles on one upgraded shop. Have 3 default/test shops installed in different languages: Englisch, German and Portuguese. English and German Shop had no problems on upgrade.

The Portuguese one has several problems on back-office: cannot use search bar on modules = is dead.



Cannot open any tab on products = dead.

On product description (tynymce disappeared).

Cannot use rollback = is dead.

Dashboard does not load.

List of changed files does not load.


Shop was upgraded with SUCCESSFULLY quit.



What I tried:


Changed php-version from 5.4.36 to 5.5.20

Disabled all CCC options

Disabled/enabled apache multiviews and mod_security

Verified all CHMOD. Are the same as on the other two shops upgraded successfully.

Cleared all cache options (smarty, browser) and tried several browsers.



As I'm having also problems with caching and JS for PS, I disabled xcache and now running better with opcodecache. BUT also this does not resolve the problems of the Portuguese upgraded shop.


memory_limit 1024, max_input and max_execution 1000


Seems that on this shop, or is a problem of the language package on upgrade the 1-click, the upgrade failled. Added also problem on bugtracker.

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i thought that it's a case of some non default addon, but as we see - it's not.

in this case it's necessary to inspect several things.

first: overrides, check if your shop uses some overrides - if so, try to disable them in the same way as you disabled modules 

second: if there is no problem with overrides, if i were you, i will try to replace classes and controllers in shop with original  classes and controllers from official package

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i've got it, i think


remove xml files from directory: config/xml/

don't worry, prestashop will download these files automatically

but before delete  it's worth to backup these files


after that everything should start work normall

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hmm... investigated it a little more and I noticed something.


The modules names are only missing in 2 module categories:


  • Social Networks
  • Shopping Functions (and then only the added modules, not the ones that came with the package)



well that's something. :)


how do those same modules look when you click 'all' modules?

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I've got the same problem with contentBox ( http://contentbox.org/ ) using PS I tried to apply the fix manually but my classes/Translate.php is a bit different from the old (deleted lines in red on github) :

$default_key = strtolower('<{'.$name.'}prestashop>'.$source).'_'.$key;

			if (isset($_MODULES[$current_key]))
				$ret = stripslashes($_MODULES[$current_key]);
			elseif (isset($_MODULES[$default_key]))
				$ret = stripslashes($_MODULES[$default_key]);
			// if translation was not found in module, look for it in AdminController or Helpers
			elseif (!empty($_LANGADM))

I have less lines and some variables are not the same. Weird.


Thank you

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