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[SOLVED] Bug add new link to the top menu


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i think that it's a case of some database problems.

please turn on error reporting:


prestashop above v1.5.3

open: config/defines.inc.php

find this line: define('_PS_MODE_DEV_', false);

change to look like this: define('_PS_MODE_DEV_', true);

source: http://cart-help.com/topic/60-error-reporting-prestashop-16-15-14-13/


after that please try to reproduce error. You should see some "database exception" error. please paste it here, if so.

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It appears the linksmenutop_lang doesn't have the link field. You can

1. reset the module and see if it helps, but it will likely wipe off your module's config and structure, so you'll have to rebuild it

2. add it manually to that table of the db (I think it's a text or varchar entry

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label and link field are a part of ps_linksmenutop_lang table

specification of fields below:



if Nemo suggestion about "reset" module will not work, follow this:


add these fields with software to manage database like phpmyadmin



then click on "go"




and at the end fill out form with field name, field type and length


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