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[SOLVED] HomeSlider won't transplant correctly


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I'm a newbie so apologies if I'm missing something.


I would like to have the HomeSlider module "Image slider for your homepage" in the displayHome hook, rather than the default at the top.


However, whenever I hook the module to the displayHome hook, and unhook it from both displayTopColumn and displayHeader (don't understand why it's in both?), it breaks: showing in the desired home area as a column of static background images right down the page past the footer.


To get it back to sliding again, I have to Reset the module, which of course restores it to factory settings, and back at the top.


I have the latest versions of Prestashop and the HomeSlider module.


Am I doing something wrong, or is there a bug? If I have to modify some code, I'd really appreciate some pointers for where to start. Thanks in advance.

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OKAY! I solved it myself. That was a record. Since the module needed to be in two hooks, I wondered if I could leave it in one hook and change the other to displayHome. 


Turns out if I leave it in displayHeader BUT unhook it from displayTopColumn and hook it into displayHome instead, the ***** thing works, ie, displays and slides in the home area to the right of the left column. 


As I said, I'm a total noob, but I'm guessing the hook in displayHeader actually contains the code which properly lays out and slides the images, regardless of where the images are supposed to appear on the page.

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