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Rules specific to the "Free modules" forum

This forum is not about the functionalities that are included for free in PrestaShop, but about the modules that you might give away to the Community for free.

All topics here should start with an answer, not a question.
You can use (almost) all other sections of the forum to ask for help or anything you need related to PrestaShop, but here you're the one who gives us tips and good practices.

Any module you may provide should be attached directly in your post 
Meaning: not with a link to an external website. The modules you are posting here are 100% free. Thus, you can share them just by attaching the ZIP file to the topic. Posts with an external link will be moderated and taken down.
Please use your common sense to make this section pleasant for everyone (respect others, be benevolent).


topic moved to configuration section

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