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Domain Selling Module PS 1.6


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I'm working on a hosting and domain selling module for PS 1.6, and i've searched around many forums, if it's possible to add a 'dynamic product' to cart; ex: there is a whois system that checks for "prestashop.com" if it's available, then you can add it to the cart.


My question: is this possible? (dynamic products / product attributes / anything else)


Any idea is appreciated! Thanks! :)

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Hi vekia! Thanks for the reply. Yes, i know, and I think this part of the project won't be a problem. But i need some ideas how to add differrent domain names to cart. Is it necessary to create a new product to add a domain name to the cart?


When you want to add something to the cart, you need to provide the Product ID and Quantity - but in this case i don't have a static product name, just a static price - i mean it won't change. Product name will change for every Whois Query (abc.com, abd.com and so on). I'm stuck on the "add to cart" part :)



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