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[SOLVED] Paginate products count based on category id


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I am looking for an idea on how to achieve products page pagination in category page based on categories and not by Configuration::products_per_page.


I have different template layouts for different categories and I need to split them to different count.


Category 1 = 5 per page.

Category 2 = 12 per page.



Any help will be appreciated.

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Hi, you need to override the controllers/front/CategoryController.php file


In the  assignProductList functiion, you need to change

$this->cat_products = $this->category->getProducts($this->context->language->id, (int)$this->p, (int)$this->n, $this->orderBy, $this->orderWay);

by something like that:

switch ($this->category->id) {

case 1:
$nb_products = 5;

case 2:
$nb_products = 10;


$nb_products = (int)$this->n;


$this->cat_products = $this->category->getProducts($this->context->language->id, (int)$this->p, (int)$nb_products, $this->orderBy, $this->orderWay);
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I am getting the desire products count per page based on the category id with your suggestion but I am not getting the actual pagination functionality.


Do I need to override pagination as well or am I am missing something in the template?



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