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Move Search block above Cart block


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I am new to prestashop and I am trying to figure out how to move the Seach block on top of the Cart block in the header of the page.
I am running Prestashop with the default-bootstrap theme.
I found this similar thread but my files are not the same probably due to updates to the theme or modules
 This was the fix on that thread:

I would suggest you to change in Hershop-theme/modules/blocksearch/blocksearch-top.tpl

<div id="search_block_top_hs" class="pull-right clearfix">
<div id="search_block_top" class="col-sm-8 clearfix">
and in Hershop-theme/css/modules/blocksearch/blocksearch.css change

#search_block_top {

    padding-top: 50px;


#search_block_top {

    padding-top: 30px;

This way your theme will remain responsive


The problem with my blocksearch-top.tpl file is that the file shows this:

<div id="search_block_top">

instead of this:

<div id="search_block_top" class="col-sm-8 clearfix">

Any suggestions?


Thanks in advance :)





I forgot to mention that the div shows as the following, when inspected in the browser through firebug.

<div id="search_block_top" class="col-sm-4 clearfix">
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so in simple words you want search field above the cart and both things (search+cart) want to place on the right hand side, there where actually cart appears?

Yes exactly. Both on the right side in the same size as the cart.


So, I was initially looking at the core module file instead of the module file in the theme -.-

Now I was able to locate the correct file and find the class="col-sm-4 clearfix" for both the search and the cart.


I changed both to class="col-sm-8 clearfix" and made the search float:right in css to align it to the right.



They are now both aligned to the right, the only problem now is that the search is taking up the full space of the 8 column div and I want to keep it at the 4 column size.


The question now, is there a better way to achieve this with different bootstrap divs? Or should I just resize them through css?



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I'm trying to do the exact same changes that user carlou5 was doing  (search and cart on the righ side, one above..) unsuccessfully

I've alrealdy read both topics and yet I got nothing...  :( 

I'm using default theme on, is there any difference?

Please help



there is no difference between themes

can you share url, i will check what you already did

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