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don´t show the full attribute in invoice PDF


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I´m trying to change the invoce.
Now when a customer add a product the invoice show the full attribute.

I only whant to show some of the attribute..

Now it show:

Dare DR-RS 17x8.5 Silver - Bredd : 8.5" , Bultmönster : 5x108 , ET : ET25 , Färg : Silver , Storlek : 17" ,
Tillverkare : Dare Wheels

I only whant to show :
Dare DR-RS 17x8.5 Silver - Bultmönster : 5x108 , ET : ET25

I use PS


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I think it's not easily possible. The product name is grabbed directly from the order_detail tab, and this means all attributes are being hardcoded there. You can try using a truncate but it will not ever be precise, you can't show only the ones you want, just as many characters. WOuld that be ok?

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