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Where to hook "Extra Tabs" correctly?

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Hi Guys,


I bought a module yesterday, and everything works perfectly. I have been writing with the author of the module, and he have helped me a lot about getting the module to work, but I just need the last bit of help, so my company and I are ready to launch the rest of the page.


As you can see in the link, the "extra tab" in placed below the "info"-tab. I would like to be placed next to the "info"-tab.


I have been told to follow this instructions, and it would work. But I cant figure out what to do. Can you guys help me?


Problem fixed by author. 

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sadly, no link in your post

it will be great if solution will be posted here too :-)


Hi Vekia,


Sorry about that.


The solution to this particular problem, was to insert this code in product.tpl;


Now It all works.

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