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I can't change the cache its jumps back if i press save

fields in database are probably duplicated

check please if for example PS_CSS_THEME_CACHE is not duplicated in ps_configuration table

if it is - remove duplicated entries.

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Hi Vekia,

I've opened a ticket for this: http://forge.prestashop.com/browse/PSCSX-4269

PHP: 5.4.35
Apache: 2.4.10

I have just installed on my test server using the one-click upgrade, installation and back up completed fine without any problems. But I am now experiencing a problem with not being able to save some settings within the BO.

Also, when I change the 'Admin menu orientation' to top, all the drop down menus disappear. This is on a test sub domain of my live site and everything worked fine in

Any help would be great.

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I've also just checked through my Database because I notice there were a few inconsistencies with the engine type for each table, all tables have now been changed to InnoDB and charset set to utf8 general.... didn't make any difference... this issue is still present.

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From another thread: Thanks Luca, you're definitely going on my Christmas card list, think you might of just cracked this... right here's what I know so far...

All browers that i've tried seem to work

Firefox for Mac - No Menus
Chrome for Mac -  Menus
Safari for Mac - Menus
Firefox for PC - Menus
Internet Explorer for PC - Menus

So what this told me was the menus appeared ok in all browser and both version of Prestashop except for the browser that I used to do the new installation. So went into my browser preferences and cleared the Cache Web Content & User Data, and then, just like magic the drop down menus appeared.... Luca you legend!!!

OK, i'll update that open forge ticket with this but could someone else that having this same problem try this fix and report back then hopefully we can close this thread.

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