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How to display each field of languages in categories pages ?


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Hi guys,


I am trying to have all the fields of the PS 1.6 BO categories description languages one under the others as illustrated in the picture.

I succeed to do that in the BO product page by erasing the content of the function:

function hideOtherLanguage(id)
	$('.lang-' + id).show();

	var id_old_language = id_language;
	id_language = id;

	if (id_old_language != id)



function hideOtherLanguage(id)

It' working perfectly after clearing the PS cache only i n the product pages.

But it does NOT work on the BO categories pages; even I have a small bug, the firld refuse to switch from the different languages, once I have modified the function "hideOtherLanguage".


Do you have an idea to help me ?


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