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Webservice -> Linking information for orders


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Hi Prestashop community,


I am trying to retrieve all the orders in PrestaShop using Webservices and link it together on how I need it before populating a database. 


Let me give you an example of what I need:


From orders i get:


  • The id of the order
  • The id_customer
  • Date_add

From there I need:

  • The products associated with this order, (name, quantities).
  • The addreses 1 & 2 of this orders
  • Carrier name

I know that I can see the product names and quantities on the xml displayed in /api/orders under the <associations> tab, but I can't access them. Is there a way to call them?


What I am doing right now is using two dimensional arrays and navigating through each and everyone of the parts I need such as order_details. Is there a simpler way to do it?


Can someone please explain the $resources = $xml->children()->children(); syntax on the example files? What is the children() calling to and why is it reffered to twice?


Any information is appreciated.


Thank you



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