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[SOLVED] How to move features to the right column

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I am using the Warehouse theme from ThemeForest (really cool theme btw.). In that theme however product features are hidden in a "Data sheet" tab (see screenshot attached) but in my store they contain really important information so I would like to move them to the top of the right column, so that they are more exposed.


I saw some similiar threads and I learned that it can be done in the product.tpl file. I have located the code responsible for displaying features in the tab, but where should I move it to get them in the right column? I'm attaching the product.tpl code below.



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The content of the column (text field and optional banner) are only visible on the product page, so I think that it's related to the product.tpl. I checked the header.tpl and footer.tpl and I wasn't able to find anything related to that content.

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I have contacted the theme author and he gave me the solution, in case anyone else will be wondering how to change it I'm pasting it below. All changes need to be made in the product.tpl file.



move this code:

{if isset($features) && $features}<li><a href="#featuresTab" data-toggle="tab">{l s='Data sheet'}</a></li>{/if}

{if isset($features) && $features}
    <!-- Data sheet -->
    <section class="page-product-box tab-pane fade" id="featuresTab">
        <table class="table-data-sheet">            
            {foreach from=$features item=feature}
            <tr class="{cycle values="odd,even"}">
                {if isset($feature.value)}                
    <!--end Data sheet -->
and put it below
    {if isset($warehouse_vars.product_right_block) && $warehouse_vars.product_right_block}
        <!-- pb-right-column-->
        <div class="pb-right-column col-xs-12 col-md-3 col-lg-3">
                <div class="pb-right-column-content">
change this
<section class="page-product-box tab-pane fade" id="featuresTab">
to this
<section class="page-product-box">

and then change

{if isset($features) && $features}<li><a href="#featuresTab" data-toggle="tab">{l s='Data sheet'}</a></li>{/if}


{if isset($features) && $features}<h4>{l s='Data sheet'}</h4>{/if}
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