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Different image on category and product page


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Hi, im creating an online store where i sell textile products and i would like to have the "thumb" on the category page a detail image and inside, just show the image with the ruler for scaling.



image 1 is the thumb, and image 2 is the actual image i want to show, i guess i wouldnt mind if the thumb one had better quality but i don't have better quality images for all the thumbs.




Only way i can think of doing this is to manually change the images one by one on the thumb.


Other way would be to change how prestashop display products in the product page and always hide the first one if theres more then one image. So i could have a first image with the thumbnail and the actual product on the second one.


Is this possible? Or is there any other way/module i could try?


Sorry if this isn't the right place to ask, it's my first post.



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