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[SOLUTION] ebay 1.9.1 template failures, solved it (semi-professional ;)


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Hey guys,


i think that all of yu using the new 1.9.1 with own templates know the problem of saving the template to the sql db and then it gets destroyed by the module


i found some kind of solution, i will write it for newbies, as i am one and had to find the following out in some days of work.


i downloaded the old ebay 1.8.2 and the newest updated 1.9.1/1.9.2 from github





1.   extract these zips into their folder (rightclick --> 7zip/winzip/winrar -->extract to /*)


2.   then open your ftp program (filezilla works fine for me), connect to your server and go to (prestashop-directory)/modules/ebay


3.   now you copy ALL files from the ebay-master-folder (from the master.zip) to the modules/ebay folder ---> overwrite the files on the server? YES!


4.   now you copy ALL files from the ebay-1.9.1 folder (1.9.1.zip) to the modules/ebay folder ---> overwrite the files on the server? YES!


5.   now you got to your server, modules/ebay and you wil see the 2 files: ".gitignore" and ".gitmodules" and delete them


6.   close ftp, go to admin panel, log out, CTRL+F5 to delete cache, log in and enjoy..


7.   do not update this module over the admin panel, it could be that it wont work anymore.


you have now ebay 1.8.2 with a few security updates, but without the "auto correction of template due to ebay restrictions" as they called it in the changelog ;)


best regards, i hope it helps !


Maybe the author of the module 202ecommerce could say something about the bug and how to fix it like a programmer, as my method is not really the solution forever...



//// links for changelogs and other info




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I have 1.9.2 installed and tried your solution, but i had no luck getting it to work. :(


Did anyone find another solution to properly fix the "feature"?





Hey knutalbrecht, are you from a german-speaking, country? brutalknecht und so :D


did you install the older version over the new one? then it should work.

maybe it is bedcause you installed the ebay module over the admin panel so you have to uninstall it and then delete the ebay folder via ftp, that is what i have done.


good luck!


best regards

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I am from Germany ;)


but to help other people i continue in english. 


I got your solution to work, my problem was that in your tutorial you state out to override the newest version of the ebay module (at the moment 1.9.2) with the older version 1.8.2, but in your actual tutorial you link to the 1.9.1 version instead of 1.8.2.


I did not find a 1.8.2 download at github, but here in the forum.




When i override the 1.9.2 version with this 1.8.2 version it realy starts working, kind of. 


1. I can modify html code in the template editor, but i can't update the DB directly to modify the template. It does not matter what is saved in the DB it only takes what is saved in the template editor.


2. I can not link CSS files in template editor. but i can modify the CSS file directly with FTP (modules/ebay/views/css/ebay.css)



At that point i can start to make a customized version on ebay happen, but.


3. Everytime i sync with ebay, it works once. Then i get an error that the images are not 500px in width. 


Error is in Frensh :


Les acheteurs apprécient les photos de grandes tailles qui montrent clairement l'objet. Veillez donc à charger des photos dont le côté le plus long mesure au moins 500 pixels.


Solution for that Bug at the moment, is to change the image size in the ebay module, for example from medium to large or vice versa. Then it works again ONCE. And the error is back.




So far so good,




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hey philipp,

tut mir leid, dann weiss ich auch nicht weiter.ich habe mich mittlerweile mit dem template-bug abgefunden und auf die 192 geupdated, da diese wenigstens die mengen synchronisiert.

nun muss ich halt nachträglich bei ebay die stylesheets in die beschreibungen einfügen.


ich hoffe es klappt bei dir, viel erfolg



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