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Server Error 500 Duplicate entry '' for key 'PRIMARY'


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I am developing an application using Prestashop's webservices. Here is what has happened, making some scripts for the webservice I was checking data in different loops and had to change the max_execution_time in php ini from 30 to 900 (this was a dummy number just to see if it worked). Afterwards I couldn't make new orders using the webpage, I tried to do it on the database using phpmyadmin but I get the error 500 (I attached 2 screenshots of the error and the admin dashboard).



Does anyone have any idea what could be the problem? I can't make any new order because of the Duplicate entry '' for key 'PRIMARY' error. Isn't the primary key for the ps_orders table id_order which should be entered blank because of the auto increment attribute? 


Here is what i tried to do to troubleshoot the problem:

  • I did the same test with a new installation and it worked just fine. 
  • I tried to repair and optimize the ps_orders table and couldn't because it is a InnoDB type table.
  • I changed the table to MyISM, repaired it, optimized it and then turned it back to InnoDB. It didn't solve the problem.
  • I dropped the table and created it again, then I tried to insert new rows and had the same error.
If you have any information that can help me I will appreciate it.


Thank you,



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you are trying to insert a record whose primary key already exists.  The table in question is ps_orders, which has a primary key on the id_order column.


So you need to figure out why you are trying to add an order using the same id_order, they need to be unique

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Hi Bellini13,


The problem is that the duplicate entry comes as blank ''. The primary key for the ps_orders table is id and it is a autoincrement field, that is why the queries go blank with the id, so the database will set the id. Does anyone know why is it throwing the error with a blank id?


Thank you

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Hi Enrique,


I am using the normal webstore in PrestaShop and making the order as an end user to test why it is not working. On the developers error screen I only see 1 query, how can I know if it is firing more than once? I have the Firebug on my Firefox to check the network tasks and only 1 request is sent. 

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