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Problem with minimizing menu - white label appears


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Hello everybody,


When I try to make the website window smaller in my web browser, suddenly a white label appears instead of my website menu. The label is at the same position as the website menu but replaces that menu. I attached a screenshot of that white label. This only happens if I decrease the window to a certain size or increase the fonts with firefox. It vanishes again if I increase the window size or decrease the fonts.


Does anybody know how to fix this issue? (How to make this label vanish completely or not let it appear).




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Hi pascal,


Thank you for your reply. Do you know by any chance the file it can be changed? I can try myself to change the code. This label does not fit at all with my website theme. It pops out randomly if the window is resized. At least changing the color would already be an improvement :)


Many thanks for your help!

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Hi Manu,

Travelling from Christmas holiday back Home. Will probably be back online tomorrow evening. Will then have a quick look, but I expect it to be some CSS code in themes/<your theme folder>/css/global.css. there you also should be able to add some size specific code to colour it.



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I am not very familiar with web programming. However, I managed to solve the issue. I used Google Chrome instead of Firefox to view the css files. Firefox did not show me the files when the white label appeared. I simply set 'display = none' to make the white label vanish completely. I thought I can just change the window width in the javascript file "blocktopmenu.js" but it did not make any effect.


For those who do not know how to find out what file, just rightclick on the element you want to examine --> choose the entry from the contextmenu and the files appear with the line number in brackets.


@vekia: I do not have a live site but you can click here http://demo.prestashop.com/en/?view=front and just resize the window. Then the white label appears as well.


I mark this as solved.

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