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SOLVED Home Featured formating issue


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Good morning and great 2015 to all,


I have a little but very important problem. I sell products and services (mainly B2B, not individuals) Using Prestashop I've been able to adapt the product-list.tpl  ,so the products list is shown without VAT from the outside view (inside the product details VAT and Without VAT prices are both correctly shown). I've used the following code to show PRICES WITHOUT VAT in the products list:


<span itemprop="price" class="price product-price">

                                    {convertPrice price=$product.price_tax_exc}


The fact is that I need to do the same in HomeFeatured Module, but for some reason the above code is not working on HomeFeatured.tpl


Can anybody help me with this issue?


On the other hand, how could I show Prices with VAT smaller and Prices with VAT included higher sized? (like the image below)





Many many thanks in advance!

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No need to post many help posts :)


Have you checked if that field (price without taxes is selected in homefeatured module)? If not, you just need to select price without taxes from database or call a function Product::getPriceStatic with the right params

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