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How do you solve the dropdown/select problem


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Hey Guys


I'am interested in how do you handle this problem:

Product: T-Shirt

Attributes: small, medium,large

Dropdown Field needed: Choose your size, small, medium, large


But, the client should only be available to select s,m,l and not the information text "Choose your size"

If all 4 informations are in the dropdown, the client can choose the text "Choose your size" also, which is a fault.


Any Idea?


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Hey Paulito


Thanks for your reply and information about.

But customer should see the text "Choose your size" in the dropdown and of course should not be able to put the product in the cart if they haven't selected a correct size.


In the mode you sent me, there will be "s" as standard attribute.

Seems tricky ... Hm

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