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Help customer find the right product


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I am not sure if this is the correct place to ask, anyway....


On my site i would like to present the user with a tool to find the correct product.


Lets say the tool ask the visitor 5 questions, this is of course based upon product features that is already registered in PS.


It could be

1) Which weight class are you looking for

2) Symmetric or Ergonomic

3) ...

4) ...

5) ...


Based upon what the visitor answers the tool will suggest a set of products. Just like a "Product finder adviser"


Is there such module already for prestashop? Link?

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hmmm what about block layered navigation filter?

you can create filters based on "product features"


i think that with this module you can find some interesting filter to "help" your customers to find products


it's free default addon.

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Well, thank you very much Vekia. We are currently using the block layered navigation filter, which works very good indeed. But, the case is that each product consist of easily 20-30 parameters and to find the right product might not always be as easy as it seems. For me personally i often use block filters on other systems for example web-shops.


But what i actually wanted is more like something like the Attribute wizard (which is a paid module). I wanted something like that, but just for features instead of attributes.


But, i must ask, since i am not so good with the block navigation filter. I thought it worked all by itself, and the customer just put a check mark to what they want filtered, is it possible for me to predefine filters as well?


Another question for you Vekia, is it possible to make a module based uppon the default/standard block filter navigation, that works as a wizard instead?


I could for example ask questions such as:


1) Are you looking for Laser or Optical

2) Do you look for symmetric or ergonomic shape?





Based on what they reply in the wizard a set of products can be shown in the list.


What i am thinking is that can i customize the filter easily for free, or is it possible that you or others make some custom work around this in the paid-section of the forum?

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