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How to add "Add To Cart" solution in "Shopping-cart.tpl"?


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I have been looking for this for a while but i can't find a solution about this problem.


My website works on Prestashop


I would like to add a solution that take the reference, the quantity and a button "Add To Cart" directly on the "Shopping-Cart.tpl".
When the customer enter a reference, quantity and click on "Add To Cart" the product is added to the shopping cart and the shopping-cart is refreshed to see the new added product.


If someone has an idea it would be great.


Sorry by the way for my poor english.



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you need custom controller that will handle this "action".

1) you have to add this custom form manually to .tpl file. Form with action="" to send form datas to controller

2) controller will have to to search product id based on reference.

3) then spawn add to cart action with quantity from form, and product id from search function from point 2


you can do it with front controller (new controller) or with module associated with hook shoppingCart

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