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Migrate Catalog Cat/Products/Customers/Orders from PS1560 to PS1609


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I am trying to migrate data catalog of PS 1560 to PS 1609, test phase currently.

I only use PhpMyAdmin comparing table structures before injecting the Sql code.

Everything went well for categories, products (except images), customers.

For orders, and after adding a field (date_upd) in the Orders table, they are inserted into the database, but from the back-office, I can not see them from the Commands menu. Only order John Doe (# 1) is visible. By visualizing against customers, I can see their orders. For now, I do not see where that can come from.

I changed the date of the shop in settings.inc.php shop.

Does anyone have an idea?

My other concern is that product stocks are reset to 0 in PS 1609, but this is probably normal, because of the new stock structure.

My final problem is about Product images. I've uploaded the Product Images within subdirectories (such as PS held in 1560 and the organization has not changed in PS 1609 -except mistake of my part-), the images are not visible from the back-office nor the FO. The link to the images is not good despite apparently the same directories for storing images.

An idea about this?

Thanks for all !

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Basically, I want to change the theme, currently made for PS 15. An upgrade of the store will not the good way to make it smoothly : added modules, some personnalized tpl files ...

By the way, about the migrated Orders not listed in the back-office, do you have an answer ?

I've fixed the problem of the images



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I just ran into the same issue - and found the solution as well.

In order to complete the migration of orders, you need to copy the content of following tables

- dbprefix_orders

- dbprefix_order_*


And yes, there are some scheme changes to be aware of and properly also dependencies to carrier id's, order state id's and tax id's (depending on version and customization of source store i guess).


Finally, you also need the map between customers ans contacts, the address table:

- dbprefix_address



This way I managed to migrate customers including customer service threads and orders from PS to PS


For the product migration, I recommend using the following modules.

Export: http://netvianet.com/prestashop-modules/39-export-xml-products-free.html

Import: http://netvianet.com/12-prestashop-import


The import module cost 23 Euro and the export module is free. For my shop it turned out really well and a lot cheaper than cart2cart at http://www.shopping-cart-migration.com/ although it is a nice service for cross-cart migration!



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