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Learning Shipping Area [reworded]

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Hello Sorry I decided to rephrase this post.


Ok 1st up. After adding the USPS Module i have went in and checked it out.

I'm in the " First-Class Mail (2-3 days) and it is showing the locations for Asia, Africa, Europe and ect.

I don't think anyone is going  to be trying to purchase from these countries I'm in Northern America. But i think it will take more than 2-3 days to get there from here. So do i uncheck those or do i leave them alone. I don't want some one to get upset becuase they order from Africa and it takes like a week to get there.

What would you do?


2nd up. Do i need to go to the USPS website and look up thier price list for different speeds and wieghts and package sizes and enter that information. or does the USPS Module do that for you?


Thank You!

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