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[Solved] width and delay time of the image slider for homepage is not changing

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go with an ftp programm to :

modules -> homeslider 


Download the file homeslider.php 
open this one with notepad+
look for the lines :
private $default_width = 779;            <-- change width
    private $default_speed = 500;       <-- change Speed
    private $default_pause = 3000;
    private $default_loop = 1;
change what you want , save the file
upload the new file back into the folder homeslider
and reset the module
NOTE : if you have already added images make an copy from the images
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normaly it must take the changes after the reset

try to clear your prestashop cache 


via ftp
go to the folder "cache" click on the folder "smarty"
then click on the folder "cache" select all folders and delete 
except index.php

do you have an url for me ?





an other option is to check it in your database but try first abouve

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can you give me your url ?

you can tell it in a private message



here is an topic that descripe the db



thank you sir, image width changed but images are not sliding.. please tell me how to slide the images..

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