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Best sellers in SubMenu


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Hi, im trying to find the right file to edit the submenu layout output.


But im not finding the right file, i believe.


What i want to do is modify the file so that the submenu output includes a module that shows the best 3 items in the category. As well as add a html section underneath the submenu with images.


Im trying to look for the right file to edit, but am having no luck finding the right file to edit.


Could anyone direct me to what file i should be working on.

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ok ive found the right file. Now i need to figure out a way to show 2 main things extra:


1. I want to show a second ul section in the submenu with links to the category best seller, top rated, new items, and a specific category.


2. I want to show featured products of that main category.


anyone that can help me out?

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