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Strange Behaviour in gifting a product and shipping cost!

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Hi all,

Here is my situation:


- Shipping fee:

  • 2.99€
  • Free when the cart is bigger than 39€

I have a Gift for the first order of any customer that normally cost 3€

So with the Cart Rules I have simply set that the Gift must to be added automatically when a customer add 1€ or more in cart.


The problem is that:

Prestashop continue to see the Gift as a paid product!

So when the user can obtain the Free Shipping creating a cart only of 36€ ( + the price of the gift = 39€)


Is there a way to apply the rule BEFORE the shipping calculation?

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I have exactly the same issue that you have described. I have also tried what you have suggested, but it doesn't work for me.


Is this actually a bug with Prestashop or is this how they have defined the cart rules to work.


It seems as though it is not taking into account the discount it's applying for the gift.


I also noticed that the checkout (default is not displaying the coupon code name, once applied. It does apply the coupon, but it's not showing the details of the coupon as it does for other cart rules.


Does anyone have any other work-arounds?



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