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Merged Fields Address Creation


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Hi everyone,


I got an annoying problem : 


When I order a product in my shop, everything seems okay I can proceed to login but then when I want to create a new address, it seems that the ZIP/Postal Code, State AND Country fields are merged together. This is absolutely not what I want. I want seperated fields for ZIP, Country and State.


Do you know how to fix this ?


Here's a screenshot that I took (Don't mind the language, it's in french coz I'm a french developper)


Best regards and I hope you could help me out :)


EDIT : These 3 fields are showing up for 1 second and then dissapear to merge in one field only


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If this is the default Prestashop theme without modification, then try to check country address format

Back Office > Localization > Country >> Edit the default Country >>> Field "Address format"


Thank you for your answer. But I currently use a custom theme for my shop. I already tried what you said but if I remove Country:name or State:name from the address format, the fields doesn't appear I also tried to edit the following files : 


- Address.php

- address.tpl


It still doesn't work for me. Do you know how I can do it ?


Best regards, Alapaches

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