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Get id_cart (from database) printed on the PDF Invoice


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** Help request **


The problem:

I can't seem to get "id_cart" (from ps_orders) to show up in the PDF invoice :/

I'm not very good with Prestashops way of interacting with the database, though i am a "okay" programmer.


I've created the plot in invoice.tpl where it should be, and even tested that i works with other database-calls, but i can't seem to get "id_cart" in any way.. Even tried making a DB statement with "Select" and "From" and all, but then i had a problem with the "where" part..



Attatched is the picture of where i've made place for the id_cart, and the part of the code where i have to make the database call (That i keep failing at)




Need help to make a database call, to get "id_cart" from "ps_orders", for a given PDF invoice/order


I dearly hope someone here might be able to help!



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