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Don't get me wrong: first and foremost i would like to express that Prestashop has the best free ánd paid modules out there. One cannot exist without the other.


Bút: most of us with a bit of IT experience, use Prestashop for E-commerce, and Joomla for website development.


With the arrival of PS 1.6.x, móst of the basic installation, together with some free modules, makes Joomla almost obselete, as in: you don't need Joomla anymore for the extra content on your webshop/website.


Currently, i'm running 3 databases on my domain:

1. one for the PS 1.5.x webshop, which is live and open for business.
2. one for Joomla website, as an added extra / extension for the webshop.

3. one for PS 1.6.x, in which i can build a new site for future use.


I use Joomla as an extended part of the webshop for:
- extra content
- a forum
- an event manager/calendar


With the creation of PS 1.6.x, and the amount of free modules (not demos or temporary), i can say that PS can almost replace Joomla (for me) in full.

The only free modules i miss are: a PS forum and a PS event manager/calendar.

With my live PS 1.5 webshop, i have bought many modules, all of which i am very happy with. :)
Some of them i can also use with PS 1.6, others i have bought again.

My wish for PS 1.6 will be that someone will create a free forum module and more important a free event manager/ calendar. Nothing fance, just functional.

What are your experiences and wishes for free modules?

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Well, i see your point of view. As for me i think the forum part could easily be solved by one of the free forums available out there, for example vanilla forum, which is a great one.


I dont trust prestashop to develop a foolproof forum, its way too much risk and security development involved with it. (its just my opinion). Now back to how i would solve this.


Setup vanilla forum

use the internal iframe link (generated wi the forum software)

activate iframe in prestashop (not sure if its actually needed when you run both from same domain

alternatively, open forum as external link


As for me, i wish PS could improve the review star system. Its completely broken. They allow you to define multiple categories to be voted for, for example, (Performance, strength, quality etc). But when everything is voted for, the end user does not know what was voted for as only ONE single average value is shown instead of each category.


My wish, is improved or someone could make a improved review system (i did not like the Google snippet code, it looked horrible for the review part in my opinion)

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I am using PrestaShop

I have added a tax rule for our local Spanish Sales tax rate at 21%. All of my products have this listed as the tax rule to follow. In our area I am required to charge this flat tax rate to all purchases regardless of the shipping destination. when I enter the prices for the products the tax rule is not showing directly I have to click 2-3 times on save and stay button then it shows in the back office and then it comes and I have to select it every time and the separate line of tax is showing in the shopping cart but tax is always showing 0. I have changed all the things but unable to show the tax in the shopping cart. I am also required to show the amount of tax on a separate line in the checkout process.

Currently I have the settings as follows.

Product set up: Tax Rule is set to my special tax rule added as an additional option in the state taxes.

Tax Options:
Enable Tax: Yes
Display Taxes in Cart: Yes
Base on: Invoice Address
Use EcoTax: No

The taxes are not being caculated nor are they being displayed in the shopping cart or during the checkout process. Is there something I need to be doing differently?

This is the last thing to do before I go live and if I can't get it fixed.
my all work stopped here. I am so worried if it will resolve or not.

Thank you for your assistance in advance!



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