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Displaying new field from database in back office


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I've added to table 'ps_customers' new field called 'how_did_you_know'. Also I've made this field to display when user register his account. Everything goes fine, this value adds to database.


The problem is that I wan't to display it now in back office in place marked on screen or somewhere else but on this page.


I was trying to add this in place where now is clients name, surname and his ID. In view.tpl this fields are displayed thanks to this:

{$customer->firstname} {$customer->lastname}


So I've tried to do the same with my field:



But unfortunately it didn't worked. All other fields from this table can be displayed this way, but not mine. So I've thought that I should declare this field somewhere, but where I have to do it?

Thank you in advance for your time!

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