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Template vars on Mail::send function not working


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Hey i have this code to send an email when a customer is added trough webservice


$data = array(
    '{firstname}' => (string)$customer->firstname,
    '{lastname}' => (string)$customer->lastname,
    '{email}' => (string)$utilizador->Email,
    '{passwd}' => (string)$utilizador->Password,
    '{shop_name}' => 'BikeZone',
    '{shop_url}' => 'http://maggpresta.atomsrv.com'

$dump = Mail::Send(2, 'account', 'Criação de conta de cliente', $data, $utilizador->Email, $customer->firstname.' '.$customer->lastname, null, null, null, null,_PS_MAIL_DIR_, true, 1, false);


And it's working. The email is sent but the template vars are all empty as you can see on the attachment.


Did anyone got the same problem? How can i solve it?




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