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own plugin doesn't work fine with paths


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Hi Everyone, 
i'm working with smarty by first time and i need your help. 
I created my own smarty plugin, this plugin only gets one param, with a path. Then, checks if there are any image (with .jpg extension) inside this path, and put all images found into another array. 
Then, assign the second array into smarty, and i want it to use in a .tpl file, but when i do a foreach in tpl, the plugin works fine, but is checking a sibling folder, not the folder that set into a param when call the function. 
I paste my code below to help you understand. 

Smarty Plugin:

function smarty_function_getImages($params, &$smarty){ 
   if(!isset($params['directory'])) { 
    trigger_error("Error, path is needed.", E_USER_NOTICE); 
        $aux = scandir($params['directory']); 
        $aux2 = array(); 

        for($i = 0; $i<sizeof($aux); $i++){ 
            if(substr($aux[$i], -3) == "jpg"){ 
            echo $aux[$i]; 
            array_push($aux2, $aux[$i]); 

        trigger_error("Invalid folder.", E_USER_NOTICE); 
        return "Invalid folder."; 


tpl file

{getImages directory="img/cms/$path/rightItems"} 

{foreach from=$rightItems item=foo} 
    {$foo}<br /> 
Someone has had this problem? 
I'm sure that will be a little mistake, but by the moment i don't found the solution 




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I finally found the error...


another line was calling the same function with another path, the problem is that the line is commented with html tags <!-- and -->


smarty comments must be {*    *} 


well, this will not forget  :P

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