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I'm trying to run e-commerce with clothing on prestashop, right now I'm filling it with products.


I know how to add attributes for each product, what I don't know is how to connect 2+ attributes with stock management.


For example:


I have a dress, in 3 colors and in 3 sizes.

In red color I have 2 XS, 3 S and 2 M

In black color I have 3 XS, 3 S and 2 M

In blue color I have 1 XS, 1 S and 4 M


See what I mean? I need to connect those attributes together.

How can I put those numbers in Stock, so nobody can buy more clothes than I really have?  


As far as I tried, I just found out I can create for each color each "product", but I don't want to do it that way. :-/


Please, help me! :)


Thank you,




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