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Error Loading Tabs In Product Registration


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Yes it worked...


After doing an import products from another store in CSV products were not assigned the category correctly.

I deleted all products and deleted categories and began the problem.


Would not want to do a fresh installation.

Already deleted the database and reindex.
But the problem continues...


What can it be?


Thank You.

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Hi Partner Tuk66,


Yes. Did a fresh install and solved the problem.


Now I need to migrate the database of Interspire for Prestashop.


The biggest problem are the product images in Interspire are recorded in multiple folders within a folder this makes it difficult to migrate.

Do you have any solution can help us?


The store Interspire to migrate will be the store below:



Is it possible... ?


Have fathered some CSV files in Interspire but the images are not sent they are separated by a "|" character in single field and read this file to import by prestashop does not work.


I'm thinking of putting all products of image files in a single folder to import the problem is how to join all image files in a single folder are 10,000 products each product has a minimum of 5 images then we are talking about at least 50,000 images.


I like your modules


Thank You Partner.

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