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Import variable with discount to order-carrier.tpl


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Im trying to import $VouchezAllowed to order-carrier.tpl, in order-payment.tpl you can add use of this variable but not in order-carrier.tpl


I saw .php of orderCarrier and orderPayment but cant find a solution.


The propose of this is that client can see a box of warning in the carrier-step.


Anybody know how can import this Variable or define in the tpl to use {if $VouchezAllowed}?


<div class="order_carrier_content_warning box">
<img src="../themes/default-bootstrap/img/warning-icon.png" width="26" height="26"> Did you forget to add your discount? - PRESS HERE




(Sorry for my poor English)

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Nemo1, not work.


Inserted in ParenOrderController:


protected function _assignWrappingAndTOS(){




'coupon_not_used' => $this->context->smarty->assign('voucherAllowed', (int)CartRule::isFeatureActive()),





But stopped in coupon_not_used when turn on {DEBUG}.


Thanks for your help ;)

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