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New module for personal collection/receive with possibility to choose shop (pickup to store)


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I want to add possibility for clients to receive orders personally in one of our shops. I tried to find some module which gives possibility to select in which shop they want to receive order but I haven't found anything for free. Because of that I want to create new module for it. What's more I'm totally new in prestashop and I don't know where to start or how to create this module. I spend two-three days reading how to do it and these are my assumptions:

 1. New carrier module can be created by extending CarrierModule class.

 2. I read some articles / documentation about hooks.

 2. I have created my first carrier module by editing module attached in this article http://www.prestashop.com/blog/en/carrier_modules_functions_creation_and_configuration/.

 3. What I achieved is that I installed module and used hook 'BeforeCarrier' to add some layout to page after selecting my carrier.


This is how my carrier should work:

 1. It should be a part of carrier list so customer is able to select it.

 2. If carrier is not selected nothing hapens. If carrier is selected by customer then button 'Choose shop' should be shown.

 3. After pressing button 'Choose shop' new window should be show with addresses of our shops (instead of new window it may be placed somewhere in current page).

 4. Window with shop adresses will contain list of addresses with radiobuttons and button to confirm selection.

 5. After confirmation of selection window will be closed and address should be shown as a part of carreir.

 6. E-mail with confirmation will contain information in which shop customer can collect order.

 7. Suppose that addresses will be hardcoded in php code.


These are my questions:

 1. I created new carrier module so I assume it works correctly (as described here http://www.prestashop.com/blog/en/carrier_modules_functions_creation_and_configuration/).

 2. How to add new button 'Choose shop' near selected carrier?

 3. Can I use hooks to add 'Choose shop' button?

 4. Where should I remember choosen shop address? Has 'Carrier' class place for it?

 5. How to add shop address to e-mails? Should I edit layouts? Does e-mail layout contain place for it or do I need to add new 'placeholder' for it?

 6. How to show chosen address on admin side?


To describe my problem more detail I have created few scenaris (see attachment).

I will be greatful for any help.


I've posted the same question at stackoverflow http://stackoverflow.com/questions/27342563/new-module-for-personal-collection-receive-with-possibility-to-choose-shop.


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