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Where to get category link?


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I need to make a button that will be a link to a certain category. I don't know where to get links to my categories. When I edit a category I only see friendly URL that is not working. In SEO & URLs I tried to switch that option on but it crashed my site so I want other way.


I just need to know what code to use for a link and which information to put in it.

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Normally in a tpl fie, you use something like:


{$link->getCategoryLink($category->id_category, $category->link_rewrite)|escape:'html':'UTF-8'}


But $link and $category need to be defined, so it depend on the file where you need it is that has been don already or that you have to add it in the accompanying php file.


You can also just add the fixed link, if you're sure nothing will change (like from Friendly URL to non-friendly URL etc)

Easiest way to find out then is to just hand over the category in the category block in the left column. You will then see the URL where you will go to when clicking on it, like www.yourdoman.com/5-tshirts or so. Then use /5-tshirts as link (don't add the domain name part, just the part starting from the root)


If you don't have the category block installed and you have Friendly URL set to ON, you can find the category number in the catalog->categories. Browse to the category you want to link to. At the left is its ID number. When editing that category, you can see what Friendly URL it has., then assemble the link this by putting this info together:

 /IDnumber-friendlyURL   (don't forget the slash at the beginning and the dash in between


example: ID = 5:





Friendly URL = tshirts



together: /5-tshirts



Hope this helps,









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