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How to Identify function call in prestashop


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I want to know from where the function call or identify function call such as I have situation as follows.

In my module development I have override cart's getOrderTotal() method to add some surcharges as my modules requirements, so I want to call that method only if its call by Payment Methods (or say in payment hook ) ONLY. so How can I do this ?

Thank You in advance. 

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Ii am afraid the only way is to run a debug backtrace and try to identify the module's name, like


        foreach($dlist AS $trace){
            if(isset($trace['file']) && stristr($trace['file'], 'modules')){
                $name=explode(DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR, $trace['file']);
                $names[]=pSQL($name[array_search('modules', $name)+1]);
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