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Rewrite Rule problem

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I have problem with rewrite rule.

A few month ago, I changed Route to Product

from : {id}-{rewrite}{-:ean13}.html

to : {id}/{rewrite}{-:ean13}.html


from www.mysite.com/13-product.html

to www.mysite.com/13/product.html


I also changed Route to Category

from : {id}-{rewrite}

to : {id}/{rewrite}


from www.mysite.com/7-category

to www.mysite.com/7/category


After did that, my site getting penalized by Google and not coming back to normal serp. I guess either doing this is not good idea or I did somethng else in configuration.


So I wanna change back those Route to Product and Route to Category to normal (like before).

I just hope this will regain the previous serp.


I did it (back to normal) but the old link will not redirect to new link.

www.mysite.com/13/product.html will not redirect to www.mysite.com/13-product.html

And also

www.mysite.com/7/category will not redirect to www.mysite.com/7-category


Please help me with the rewrite rule for .htaccess




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